Today on the bus and a guy had a quarrel, because of not little ink, the endless, I do two became the focus of the car, but also with a gentle eyes, speak to a changed person, also carrying a Hermes bag, is also estimated false, from the fall did not see like a rich way, in that the rich man also with me is the bus ah, do not know this guy is a low profile, or what, finally, not the end of it he will get out ahead of time, I think I was good enough, he actually managed to I was irritated, I can imagine how good he is, but my heart, no seriously, such things in life.

wedding photography

Today we booked wedding photography shooting, 7 in the morning to go, then drove us to a photography base, the scenery is really good, the architectural style is also very good, our field has a total of 4 pieces of clothing, is in a beach is in the grass, the morning is the weather has been good, but in the afternoon to take pictures of the ocean when it is cloudy day shooting led out of the effect is not very good, said the photographer or sometime in the appointment of shooting, to have come to take it, in the appointment to toss about, not in trouble, God is enough to take care of us, we just filming finished on the rain, the rain shot behind it.




Recently appeared on the market a bag is very popular called birkin, high-end people deeply appreciate the major luxury counters have, of course, the price is also surprisingly high, at least for my small office workershigh enough, and now I have only to appreciate, when nothing will look at the content and presentation of these things online, always okay, and high-end people can not afford to see together these thingsif you do not understand, there is no topic can be discussed, which is motivated steps and methods, as soon as the success of the method is successful together, only that you will be getting closer and close to success will be as soon as possiblethe realization of their dreams.

study in Australia

Said the University friendship to high school, junior high school, indeed, because this time we know everything, but also know what is real friendship, I have a buddy now study in Australia, although the distance so far, but it does not affect our friendship, perhaps the only university when the friendship will be more firm and durable, time of the year we have the Spring Festival a few good friends will be in together, these a few people, he was the only one who is still learning, we have been working, and some of them have been married and have a child, is really a small man, ha ha, how’s everybody doing is very happy together, wish our friendship forever.



kelly bag

Have the Spring Festival this year, decided to give his wife to buy a decent bag, it is hard for a year, we have no time to go shopping or something, no clothes to buy them online, of course, also recently buy things online, tonight is really saw a bag she liked to call kelly bag, looks very look, she is also very like, so I would not hesitate to shoot down, gave him as a new year gift, now the pressure of life is too big, sometimes pressed we even shopping do not have the time, every day would like to do most is lazy day at home, is now feel more and more old, sometimes I feel almost and social derailed.

study in UK

Every young people want to study abroad, study myself in a foreign country, my friend was study in UK, came back he said that learning is not the same, we are very comfortable learning, no pressure, and learning atmosphere is also very good, not feel dull as ditch water, but the cost is also very high oh, now the students the general home conditions are good points are mostly to have a look, have a look the local cultural habits, learn more things, then after returning home will be working in one point, after all, is trying to do, sometimes really regret not study hard, now. You so passive, when nothing even oneself in the review a.



hermes bag

Me and my husband’s wedding anniversary today, I went to buy good food, busy at home one afternoon to make a lot of delicious meals, but left to wait for her husband did not come back, I really do not have the patience to give her husbandphone, he said that overtime, I suddenly become particularly disappointed that he forgot our wedding anniversary today, can not long doorbell rang, her husband standing in the doorway holding hermes bag, hermes bag, but IFavorites, her husband also know, but I have been reluctant to buy hermes bag, I am really happy and excited, and have such a good husband.