How much should a website cost

Today, my friend asked me How much should a website cost I tell my friends I cousin is a special website I can help her to ask my cousin, friend let me help her to ask my cousin as soon as possible, said she wanted to do a special sale of clothes website, hear my friends say that I will tell friends I will help she asked my cousin, cousin to play at home I asked cousin How much should a website cost things at night, cousin listened to my story and asked me to do? I tell my cousin is one of my friends to do a website, cousin listened to my story is detailed explained to me what. After I was told I would take her cousin told me this information will tell my friend’s cousin, said my friend later if any problems can find him directly.

シンガポール コンドミニアム

When I was in Singapore to work in our company let employee live シンガポール コンドミニアム, I was to go because of the age is small, so they are very worried, afraid I do not live well, eat well, I said to them is nothing, but the mother was worried, so I would we live the system, gas, genesis, u, no second, Michiru and pictures to his mother in the past, so she can feel at ease, after his mother received my photos will say we live systems, gas, genesis, u, no second, Michiru and nice, but also their own cooking, but the family electrical appliances are complete, so it’s very convenient. I also show my mom in Singapore with other colleagues to learn cooking. Mother is very happy.

cms development

Think of CMS development was so fast, we are all in the fastest may until next month to see the new system the shadow of it, after all, CMS development is not an easy thing to do, remember once change, also used a very long time, but did not expect to do system that can do this so fast, less than a month will be able to finish, then listen to other colleagues said the CMS development except for the company’s own people also find a very professional software development company, so the speed was so fast, but CMS development was doing before, so the more experienced faster, of course. Now we look forward to the new system but eagerly.

inkjet printer

Our house needs a inkjet printer, to my mother said several times, but I was busy, neglect. A few days before the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, I went back home, mother said is what I also did not give him to buy inkjet printer, I just want to get up, then that is just the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, I’ll buy you a inkjet printer on the Internet! Mom look very surprised, think I can on the Internet to buy her a inkjet printer is a lie, but this morning after she received a courier to her inkjet printer, immediately telephoned me to say that I gave in line to buy the inkjet printer so that the special, one of her old years people will use, I think my mother is very satisfied I also very happy.


I went to my friend’s home yesterday, came in the worry does not know them children what gift is good, empty handed go, also not good, say now children are not lack of food, home to buy a lot of kids love to eat, so want to for a long time, finally I decided to buy a toy for children! So to the mall, I went to the special sale of children toy counter, I asked the sales staff introduce to me a most popular toys, the sales staff will recommend Gundam to me, said recently a lot of parents to their children to buy toys store for Gundam. So I bought a Gundam to a friend’s house, he saw with Gundam my hand, especially happy.

台北信义区 酒店

今天我刚从台北旅游回来闰蜜就打电话过来让我去她家,于是我就带着我给她在台北买的一些纪念品,到了她家,见到我她说我看着精神不错啊,看来玩的不错,我说这次去台北旅游玩的挺开心的,而且住的那家酒店环境也不错,因此晚上的睡眠质量也不错,我在台北的时候住的是姐姐给我推荐的台北信义区 酒店,台北信义区 酒店的环境很不错,客房装修的很漂亮,而且卫生也非常干净,这家酒店工作人员的服务也超棒,酒店位置也不错,交通很便利,为我省下了不少麻烦。

Learning Chinese in Singapore

To Singapore Tourism before I contacted my classmate I that classmate is in the Learning Chinese in Singapore I go to Singapore Tourism my classmates said to take me to play, night with my mother in the chat when I told my mom I have a classmate is in the Learning Chinese in Singapore my trip to Singapore Tourism my classmates will receive me, listening to my mother’s story. He said very good. Then I’ll tell mother when I come back from Singapore will bring her a gift back, my mom heard me say that he told me is the last time she went to a feeling of Singapore, where the environment is good, that is later if I went to Singapore will be like there.

e-commerce development

The opening of the first professional class, the teacher talked about e-commerce development to us, this one has made me interested in electronic commerce, the beginning I do not know what to learn what major, later the family said this years e-commerce development is pretty good, if I learn this professional words back the work must not home to worry about, will be very good, then let’s learn electronic business professional, I do not know about this aspect is also a little, afraid of their own time to learn bad, think of listen to the family of quasi not wrong, when class I thought choose to study professional e-commerce really is the choice of the, is I like, I can certainly learn professional courses

Learning Chinese in Singapore

Our foreign teacher not only language is very good, but Chinese is very great, some Chinese problems when we will be together to discuss it, once we have a class a classmate ask our foreign language teacher, where he was learning how Chinese, say so well, it doesn’t look like it is just returned from abroad soon we the people, foreign language teacher said he was in the Learning Chinese in Singapore, when he was young, fresh out of school, he has a few friends would say to want to learn Chinese, then they came together in the Learning Chinese in Singapore, finished after they are separated, but now basically in China, and sometimes they get together.


Long before my brother told me that he is going to read is EMBA things, now brother finally he would like to go to EMBA. The evening with my brother when a chat brother told me that is really nice of him now, very happy can realize his ideal. Listen to the elder brother story I will tell my brother I later also will go to read EMBA like him. He heard my story told me that he believed I would go to EMBA, I’ll tell my brother he is my study example I will work hard, brother to hear what I say just say the day that he was waiting for me to go to EMBA and he will give me a big the gift. Say that I heard brother happy.